Friday, October 26, 2012

Beneath Blossom Rain


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I am reading the book Beneath Blossom Rain..

Discovering Bhutan on the Toughest Trek in the World

This is a very interesting book, as I am attracted by the title, because it is about the toughest trek in the world!
I like challenges.

I know there will be a group of people out there, who simply think that they could not do it! They believe that they could not possibly complete this trek. But there again, there exists yet a second group of people around, who will find it inpiring, and who will write it down as a WISH list, and make sure that they will make it a point, to attempt this challenging trek.

We are all different due to our upbringing, our past experiences, our fitness level, and our belief, and even our religion. I am a free thinker, as I do not like to be bound by so many rules. I want the freedom to pursue my interests, and I remind myself that I should try not not do anything harmful to others.

Why do we want to seek out the challenge?

Why do we need to push ourselves to the limit?
Why do we want to even attempt something already said to be very tough?
Why, and the list goes on...

If something is so easily accomplished, then there is no fun, no elation, no excitment, nothing to really look forward to... It could be done by so many others, and so long, anyone who attempts it, will most likely succeed in completing the task.

We want to celebrate the victories, and triumphs! No pain, no gain... Even if it will take the hard work, there is someting in our minds, that we like to seek something more, to tread on the unchartered path, or unbeaten track, to find something more thrilling in order to have the sense of fulfilment. We have tried it, and we have made it! The success is sweet, and only when we experienced it, we will treasure it more.

I had read and found out that at Laya, it should be the last spot for anyone who wants to give up the idea of continueing the trek, to retrace their steps. Otherwise, the trek continues to the remote Lunana region, and evacuation would be tough. I am very happy to follow the story till this point, when the author revealed Larry 's (one of the trekkers in the group) decision to press on, and not give up. Yes, there may be tough times, but we have to strive to move on to be the winner ourselves. We decide for ourselves the path that we want to choose!

All the way, Larry!!

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