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Upcoming Festivals 2013

Upcoming Festivals..

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Guru Rinpoche giving blessings to the local people.
In Bhutan, there are many festivals that take place throughout the year, in the various towns, and villages. These regilgious festivals are called Tshechu, which means on the tenth day of the months. Usually, they are held, and celebrated with the various masked dances, to commemorate the deeds of Guru Rinpoche, or widely known as Padmasambhava.

The locals will bring their families, with infants , children, and the old, and they come in their finest clothings to watch these dances in the hope to have their sins cleansed, and at the same time to get blessings for the whole family. You will see the men wearing their gho, the traditional dress of knee-length ( in raw silk, cotton or even silk), and the women in their Kira (ankle length ) skirt, with a long-sleeved blouse called the wonju, which is worn underneath the tego ( jacket).

Do plan ahead for the first quarter of the year, if you like to be part of the big celebrations, This is the best way to immerse in the steep cultural heritage of this Himalayan kingdom, often regarded as the Last Shangrila.

The celebrations are usually held in the courtyard of their Dzongs, or the fortresses.
Punakha Drubchen, 15-19 FEB 2013
Punakha Tsechu, 20-22 FEB 2013
Paro Tsechu, 23-27 MAR 2013

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