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Bhutan Visa


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Need a Bhutan Visa?

Bhutan is a country , whereby all tourists are required to engage the services of a local tour agency to take care of all the arrangements, so there is no backpacking travel in this Himalayan kingdom.

Other than Indian tourists, the rest of the visitors will need a visa to enter the country, and they have to apply for such visa before the arrival. So, there is no visa upon arrival arrangement as well.

However, the process is actually very simple. You can contact
Bhutan Stunning Tours
for all visitors.

For Singapore tourists, please contact
EU Holidays Pte Ltd,
(+65) 6535 8535

Make all your travel arrangement through the company, and then the visa application process will be handled for you.

The visa fees will be added to your total tour fare, and then you only need to submit a colour scanned passport copy to the agency, and they will handle everything for you.

This is actually a PAPER DOCUMENT, so after it has been approved (after the payment of your tour fees), the agency will forward you the copy by email, and you have to print, and bring along with you for your trip to Bhutan.

See you soon in Bhutan.

kuzuzangpo la (HELLO / General Greeting in Bhutanese language - dzongkha)

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