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Bhutan weather

I have included the table for the Bhutan weather, so it helps you in planning for your visit.


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Bhutan weather
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Peak season:
Mar-May - SPRING
Sep-Nov - AUTUMN

In Spring, you will get to see flowers all over the places. If you go hiking on the Druk Path Trek, you will see rhododendrons up in the mountains. There are a great varieties and many different colours. In Punakha, you will see jacaranda trees and the flowers in bloom.

In Autumn, this is always one of the best times of the year to travel. Do note that in Thimphu, temperature could be as high as 27 degree in the day, with bright sunshine. And due to the strong UV rays at the altitude of more than 2300m, it is highly recommended that you apply sunblock lotion to your face, and body. During the autumn months, there are many festivals happening all over the kingdom. In September, you will find the Thimphu festivals, along with Wangduephodrang, Tangbi, and etc. This is the month of the most tourists in the country, thus you need to try to book at least six months ahead to be able to get good hotels, and even flight tickets.

During the summer months, this is the period of the monsoon rain in the Himalayas. However, Bhutan is spared of too much of a heavy rainfall as compared to the Indian Himalayas. There might be intermittent rain, but in the day, you might get lovely sunshune still on certain days. This is definitely not the time for trekking, as you would like to avoid the muddy trails. But then again, you will find lush green fields everywhere. And you will be able to book hotel, and flight tickets very easily at short notice.

In winter, Paro and Thimphu still enjoy favourable weather in the day, as you can see from the table. Only in the night, that temperature drops. Go for the Semtengang Trek or Phobjikha Valley Trek to see the black-necked cranes which migrate to Bhutan starting from late November till March the following year. These are low altitude treks, which will be enjoyable during the winter season.

See you in Bhutan soon!
Feb - Punakha Drubchen, Punakha Tsechu
Dep - 11Feb (12D Nepal & Bhutan wonders) Specially timed to coincide with the Punakha Drubchen

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