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Bhutan Festival Dates 2013

Are you planning for a visit to Bhutan in 2013?


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Bhutan Festival Dates 2013
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Peak Season
Spring ( Mar-May )
Autumn ( Sep-Nov )
For these periods, you will pay usd250 Per Person per day ( in a group of at least three people) excluding the Visa. For two persons travelling together, then you will pay a supplement of usd30 per person per day (single traveller pays supplement of usd40 more per day) on top of the standard daily tariff of usd250.

The monsoon period is from June to August. However, bear in mind that it is still possible to travel during this time as it is easier to book for hotels in the last minute. The rain usually comes in the night, and most of the time, during the day, it is still pretty sunny. That being said, it is usually not advisable to go trekking in the monsoon months, as you do not want the trail to be muddy, or have the prospect of walking in the rain, thereby getting drenched, and not able to enjoy the mountain views. If you travel during this period, then you pay usd200 per person a day, again with a minimum of three people.

But if you travel during the winter months, then if you go trekking, it is better to go for the lower altitude treks, like Phobjikha Valley Trek or the Semtengang Trek. There will be snow in Thimphu or even Paro in Late December to January.

But for me, the best experience that one can have will be to attend one of the festivals, and get a chance to immerse in the diverse culture of the country. Mingle with the locals, and see them in their finest clothing! Learn about the origins of the Festival through your tour guide, and feel the festive mood. Be fascinated by the various masked dances during the Thimphu, Paro or Bumthang Festivals. In fact, there are various festivals that are being held throughout the year, in the various towns and villages.

The most famous of the Bhutan festivals are Paro Festival in Spring, and the Thimphu Festivals in Thimphu. When I went for the Thimphu Festival in September, even all the five star hotels were fully booked. So, you could understand how precious an air ticket is! I can understand that the Westerners are particularly fascinated by such festivals.

So, my advise for you is to plan ahead, and try to book about six months ahead, in order to secure the hotels. From Singapore, perhaps the flight ticket might be easier to secure. But if you enter Bhutan through Kathmandu, Nepal, or Bangkok, Thailand, or Delhi, India, you might really need to try book early in order to be able to get the seats into the country. Otherwise, for the budget travelers, you could travel to Sikkim state in India, and then travel overland, by making the necessary arrangement ahead to get your Bhutan visa. That might be an alternative, if you have the time, and then can cover your sights in Sikkim as well.

So, I have included the Festival Dates for 2013 to help you with your planning.

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Wish that you will make a trip to Bhutan soon!

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