Wednesday, October 17, 2012

11D Enchanting Bhutan itinerary

This is the itinerary that I covered in Oct 2011.


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11 Days Enchanting Bhutan itinerary
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It was my first trip to Bhutan, and prior to that, I have read a lot about Bumthang, the Central Valley. Thus, I was very eager to include this on my itinerary. With a duration of 11 days, it was at a comfortable pace for me to travel to Trongsa, Bumthang and Gangtey.

Do note the travel time below:
Paro - Thimphu, 1 hour
Thimphu - Punakha, 3 hours (over Dorchu La Pass)
Punakha - Gangtey, 3 hours
Punakha - Trongsa, 3 hours
Trongsa - Bumthang, 5 hours
Bumthang - Punakha, 8 hours


For the winter months, you could go on a winter trek in Phojika Valley to see the black-necked cranes which migrates there from Tibet starting from late November till March the following year. Otherwise, consider a Semtengang Trek, which is also a low altitude trek, that is suitable for the winter season. Winter is from November till February, just like in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you have any question regarding your planning to Bhutan, the Last Shangrila, do feel free to write to me Olevia Cheong

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