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Faces of Bhutan


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I am adding some photos of the people that I photographed on my trip to Bhutan.

Look at their smiles and you should make your trips to Bhutan soon!

A Bhutanese boy smiles shyly inside the car, when I asked him for this photo. There was a road block due to the clearing of some fallen trees ahead.

The girls are going to school.

Local Bhutanese are people who have very strong faith in their Buddhist teachings. And they go around in the Chorten with their prayer wheels.

We were at Jakar Dzong, and the monks were practicing for their horn blowing in preparation for the upcoming Jambhay Lakhang Festival.

I really like this photo!

Devoted locals going around the Dzong.

Chanting, and walking round the monastery.

Such a simple lifestyle, but yet the people are contented and happy.
He was squatting and having a small bite.

                                                             Such a sweet little girl.

School girls walking home in Bumthang town.

She is so strong, and life is tough.

Another little monk.


                                                           Give me a bright smile !

My friend and I really had a wonderful holiday in Bhutan, with such amazing experiences with the locals. They are very friendly, hospitable, and made our trip a great holiday.

Yes! You should make it to Bhutan soon.

Punakha Festival      11 - 13 Mar 2014
Paro Festival Dates   11 - 15 Apr 2014
Thimphu Festival      03 - 05 Oct 2014

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